Month: November 2015

Dumps created by pg_dump are internally consistent, meaning, the dump represents a snapshot of the database at the time pg_dump began running. pg_dump does not block other operations on the database while it is working. (Exceptions are those operations that Read More

When updating to a new minor release, the safest policy is to update the standby servers first — a new minor release is more likely to be able to read WAL files from a previous minor release than vice versa. Read More

默认情况下,git push 并不会把标签传送到远端服务器上,只有通过显式命令才能分享标签到远端仓库。其命令格式如同推送分支,运行 git push origin [tagname] 即可。如果要一次推送所有本地新增的标签上去,可以使用 – -tags 选项,运行git push origin – -tags