windows内核函数命名规则(system routine naming convention)



Prefix指示导出该例程的组件,Operation指出对对象或资源做什么样的动作,Object标示操作的对象或资源。比如ExAllocatePoolWithTag是一个执行体(Executive)例程,用来从分页池(paged pool)或非分页池(nonpaged pool)中分配内存。KeInitializeThread是一个分配并且设置内核线程对象(kernel thread object)的内核例程。


Prefix Component
Alpc Advanced Local Inter-Process Communication
Cc Common Cache
Cm Configuration Manager
Dbgk Debugging Framework for User-Mode
Em Errata Manager
Etw Event Tracing for Windows
Ex Executive support routines
FsRtl File System Driver Run-Time Library
Hal Hardware abstraction layer
Hvl Hypervisor Library
Io I/O manager
Ke Kernel
Kd Kernel Debugger
Ks Kernel Streaming
Lsa Local Security Authority
Mm Memory manager
Nt NT system services(most of which are exported as Win32 functions) ,NT Native API
Ob Object manager
Pf Prefetcher
Po Power manager
Pp PnP manager
Ps Process support
Rtl Run-time library
Se Security
Tm Transaction manager
Vf Verifier
Whea Windows Hardware Error Architecture
Wmi windows management instrumentation
Wdi windows diagnostic infrastructure
Zw The origin of the prefix “Zw” is unknown;it is rumored that this prefix was chosen due to its having no significance at all.Mirror entry point for system services (beginning with Nt) that sets previous access mode to kernel,which eliminates parameter validation, since Nt system services validate parameters only if previous access mode is user mode
Lpc Local Procedure Call
Ldr Loader
Nls National language support
Dbg Debug
Tdi Transport driver interface
Csr Client Server Runtime,represents the interface to the win32 subsystem located in csrss.exe
Inbv Initialize boot video

每一个系统组件还有一个变体前缀来指示内部使用(unexported)的函数,或者是组件前缀的第一个字母后面跟上i(指internal),或者是全部的前缀跟上字母p(指private)。比如Ki指示一个Kernel内部函数,Psp指示一个Process support内部函数。




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